Sandra Carlborg

Open Division
Professional Golfer
Mom, Dad, Brother; Peter
Geek-No Brainer
Aldila and House of Forged
Geek Golf, Longbow Golf, Mom & Dad


Congratulations on your 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship title.
Thanks, it feels great!

What is your background in golf (when & why you started playing, etc.)?
My family played and I soon had many friends in the sport. It quickly became a large part of my life. I competed the first time when I was 12 and won 7 contests! I turned pro 2004 and qualified for the European tour the same year.

How and when did you get involved in long drive?
Jessica Wahlström, who also competed in the Worlds this fall, introduced me to long drive and my first contest 2008. I won and since everything continued going well, I was hooked on this great sport.

Back to the RE/MAX WLDC. You are the only Ladies division Champion to win back-to-back titles. How did you feel coming into Worlds and throughout the competition being the defending champion?
I was waiting all year! This is the highlight of the year. Of course I was nervous but couldn't wait to stand on that Tee box again. I was going to do everything in my power to defend my title!

You had a very strong field to beat in order to win your second title. Heather LeMaster stood in your way. After finishing second to her in Sweden earlier in the summer how did you approach the RWDLC? Any added training, practice?
I know I have to be in top shape to beat the other women. Many tough hours are spent at the gym. My focus is still regular golf. However, the weeks prior to the Worlds I spend training with my brother Peter and Carl Maxe and improve my speed.

The Ladies division had a different type of format than the men’s divisions. In round 1 you hit three sets and the longest ball out of the 18 counts. Round 2 is similar, but it’s your longest ball out of two sets. How do you feel about that format? Like it, dislike it?
Hopefully there will be more women in the future, but the format is fine the way it is for now.

You cruised through both preliminary rounds notching 300 yard drives in each set. Only one other competitor posted a 300-yard drive in the entire prelims. How were you feeling going into the Finals? Were you paying attention to the other yardages posted?
Of course I knew the others distances and it feels good with a clear margin. I know however, that a final is a final and anything can happen. Last year, even with a big margin, I got nervous and won with only a few yards.

You’re in the finals, again. It’s a three competitor finals. Yourself, Heather LeMaster who beat you in Sweden earlier in the year and Troy Mullins, a relative unknown in the long drive scene. What’s going on in your mind?
I was really nervous before the final. I knew that the others were good and I would have to be at my best to win. I didn't do well during the warm-up, it didn't feel good! When I got on the tee box and felt the support from the crowds, everything came together. I still can't believe, that even though I was so nervous, probably the worst in my life, it was still possible to hit all 6 balls straight and long!

Both your brother and father competed in the 2012 RE/MAX WLDC. Do you let them know who owns the long drive title in the family? Any family rivalries when the three of you are at the range or course?
Haha! I tell them everyday! As long as I beat Peter on the golf course I am satisfied. Dad is very proud and always says that Peter and I got his genes.

You’ve played some events on the Ladies European Tour. What does 2013 hold in store for you, in golf and long drive?
I played 2 years on the Ladies European Tour and the last years I have played a mix of the European, LET Access, and the Swedish Tour. I think this year is going to look like the last years. I will also do some events and have more focus on my long driving. Let's see if I have more yards to give.

Any shout-outs at this time?
I am already looking forward to next year and I am going to do my best to make it a triple! I would like to thank RE/MAX, LDA, Mike, Art and the others that make the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship to a very successful event. I would also like thank my family, friends and sponsors that makes it possible for me to live my dream.

Again, congratulations on your 2012 RE/MAX WLDC title
Thanks so much!