Interested in hosting a 2014 RE/MAX WLDC qualifying event?

Thank you for your interest in hosting a local qualification event for the 2014 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. The RE/MAX World Championship is the greatest show in power golf – it’s high-impact, high-adrenaline and highly entertaining. The RE/MAX World Finals will be showcased on Golf Channel.

Qualifying begins in early March and the world finals will take place in the Fall at the Mesquite Sports and Event Complex in Mesquite, Nevada. September 20 - 27, 2014.

For more information on hosting feel free to contact our office at 682.549.2105 or 888-233-4654 or via e-mail Mike Ambriz at

At no cost or licensing fee, you now have the chance to be part of the one of the world’s most popular grass roots events.  The LDA gives you the opportunity to promote your facility, your business, and make extra income. Here are some great benefits: 

EXTRA INCOME – YOU (or the facility) will receive $20.00 per try.   (Participants may try as many times as they want).  In addition, you will receive the entire range ball revenue and food and beverage concessions.

BUILD TRAFFIC – By hosting a local qualification event your facility will receive local media attention, which will direct more people to your facility.

GOLF BALLS – The LDA provides the facility with 24 dozen official competition golf balls.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – All promo materials, such as posters, are provided by the LDA with a site director’s kit, which includes site director’s guide, official scoresheet, and entry forms. More info can be downloaded at

WEBSITE – All local and regional qualification events are posted on LDA’s website with pertinent information such as contact person, phone number, address, e-mail address and website address.

ASSISTANCE – The local RE/MAX sales representative may assist with the promotion and the operation of the event (If representative is available).

Each site will receive:

    * 24 dozen official golf balls, which you will receive 3-4 weeks prior to the event.

    * The Site Director Information Kit, Press Release, Official Scoresheet, Entry Forms, Hard Hats and Marker Flags.

    * Event posters to distribute within the local market to promote the event.

The 2014 RE/MAX World Championship has seven divisions.

Local and Regional qualifying for the Open Division  begins with a local qualification event (LIKE YOURS) where competitors show up ready to “give it their best shot”. Winners advance to the second stage of qualifying at one of 14 Regional Championships that start in June and finish in August.

Seniors (45+), Super Seniors (50+), Grand Champions (55+), Legends (60+), Masters (65+) and Ladies Division competitors pay a one time entry fee of $1200 for a spot in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, September 20-27, 2014 in Mesquite Nevada and are NOT included in Local and Regional qualifying. Buy-in Division information will be posted in early 2014.

In an effort to conduct the best event possible, facilities will need the following:

A driving range or a hole on the golf course with a minimum of 380 yards long and 40 yards wide.  (If possible, better results are obtained with semi-flat and unobstructed terrain.)

Driving range or practice area for warm up.

Event should be on a Saturday or Sunday, and open for a minimum of 4-5 hours.

Portable radios (3 to 4).

At least 6-8 volunteers to help with operating the event.

One or two specified persons that the LDA can communicate with.

Distribute posters throughout your marketing area.

Complete the Press Release (provided by the LDA) and distribute to local newspapers, radio stations, golf calendars, golf publications, or other media outlets in your area.

RE/MAX International and other national sponsors may have “Hosts” in some locations. These individuals may contact you in advance to discuss how they can support your efforts to make the event a success with special promotion, prizes or other creative marketing ideas. Contact the LDA for further information. This is not available in all areas and is NOT a requirement for our sponsors to be at the local qualifiers.